Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Splitting logs

I am probably pretty weird, but I think that one of life's great pleasures is splitting old dry wood.

Yesterday I bought a log splitter to make a start on splitting up the large pile of  logs that the Lad had cut up with the chain saw.

I love how, when everything is perfect, the axe 'bites' and the log cleaves in one go and with little effort. I love the pile of split wood as it grows and grows.

I love the thought of the heat that the wood will generate later in the year as the weather nips off and we load up the wood heater.

I love how it makes you take time to appreciate how beautiful wood is.

 I love how it makes me feel strong.


  1. Well, you are in the right place, then. Rural areas are well populated with 'weird' people! :)

    We had some rain today!! It's been a while. My shrubs have been very, very droopy. I'm hoping there will be enough to perk them up again. The butcher birds and chooks were a bit shocked with the strange stuff falling from the sky.

    1. Rain? What's rain? Glad someone is getting some rain!

  2. Nah your not mad...well at least I don't think loving splitting wood is mad - personally I love the smell.

    1. Phew! Or maybe we are both mad? You are right, the smell is wonderful.



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