Sunday, 20 January 2013

Rabbiters' ruin

This morning we spent around the Rabbiters' Hut ruin. Rabbiters' was the original homestead on our property. Locals say that previous owners of the property put a rope on the hut attached the rope to a 4-wheel drive and pulled it down. Before its destruction locals say, the hut was 'rustic' but definitely liveable. That the hut was destroyed in this way causes the locals to shake their heads. We shake our heads too.

We have done many walking trips to the Victorian and NSW High Country where huts were built by cattlemen and which now provide emergency refuge to walkers and skiers. We love these Mountain Huts very much - Rabbiters' is very much in the style of its more famous cousins further up in the hills.

Today we took lots of photos of Rabbiters' to get a sense of its structure and features with a view to rebuilding it (one day) in its rusty, rustic simple style.

Here is Rabbiters'.

Here's Rabbiters' thunder box.


  1. What a beauty. It is such a shame wonder what the previous owners were thinking? It's not like they attempted to get on with doing something else with it. The photos are amazing

    1. Its sad isn't it! It was pure destruction. Glad you love the photos, it's hard not to love the place and want to see right by it.

  2. Great photos, Louise!

    My first thought, as I read your words that they pulled it down because maybe they had little kids and thought it dangerous but then I saw the photos and saw that they probably made it more so!

    It would be fantastic if you put it all back together. A great and worthwhile project!

  3. No, they had no kids, it was deliberately pulled down in a destructive urge. They also shot or paint balled everything (the roos are still terrified) and burnt a hillside apparently.

    We will do our best...

  4. Hey Louise - Mal and I will come up one weekend to give you a hand when you are ready - could rope along some others too !!

    1. Yes please, you and Mal and others! A real barn raising. We would love your help! It will be a little while off, but we do want to make it liveable again. We will lwet you know when we are ready to work on it.



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