Thursday, 19 December 2013

Has bean

My borlotti beans are now largely has beans.

They were planted quite early for us ( in September) and most survived the late October frost. They have produced a few beans for me - I ate them at their green stage as there was little else coming from the patch at the time. I found them quite good green.

But then they started to turn yellow and wither. On pulling the plants up I found that many of their roots had been nibbled off.

I suspect it's the chafer grub.

Certainly I find them when I am digging thru the patch. I usually toss them to the chooks when I find them.The chooks just love them. Looks like the girls will have to do some work for me!

But here is the weird thing, it seems that it is only the borlotti beans that are effected.

Why is that? Other beans are thriving as are other plants in the neighbouring beds.

Have you any idea what's happening?


  1. I don't know the answer. I think I have the same problem! My bush beans never thrive. Thinking maybe find out if there's a companion plant that might repel them.... good observing though!

  2. You know all my butter beans have died off as well... I thought it might be because I had planted them close to where the liquidambar came out, but if I am honest they were near but not on the spot so I can rule out nitrogen drawdown. Gosh I might have to do some investigating

  3. Usually beetle grubs are generalists, meaning they'll eat a wide range of plants, but seeing as these prefer your borlotti beans, maybe it is a specialist, eating only specific plant species. I think the more likely answer is that the borlotti beans are less resistant to this particular pest species. Less resistant plants put up less of a fight against attackers and make them more prone to be eaten.

    ... maybe these grubs are just snobs and only eat borlotti... :)



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