Friday, 6 December 2013

New chicks on the block

Yesterday we welcomed some new chicks -  5  Buff Orpington cross chicks 2-3 weeks old.

We've decided to buy chicks young  as a way of adding to our small chicken flock.

The baby roosters will become our own home grown supply of chicken meat ( it's very exciting to take on a new little venture!) and the little hens will give us eggs in exchange for good food and shelter.

For the moment they live in an old wooden box  in the shed protected from the cold weather we are having. When it's a little warmer I'll pop them into the predator-proof chook shed.

Welcome little chicks!


  1. Replies
    1. I've been playing chook mother teaching them to scratch!

  2. Gorgeous! My advice? Don't name the roosters. It's difficult to eat something with a name! :)

    1. Yeh, you are right. I will have to wait till they grow up a little before I work out which is which. Then I'm tempted to call one of the hens " Buffy Vampire Slayer" ( they are Buff Orpingtons).



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