Monday, 25 November 2013

Harvest Monday - 25 Nov '13

Currants!  I had never grown currants before coming to Highfield and just this last week I have started to pick a few - just a few. The white currants are bigger than the red ones but both taste wonderful.  They and a few strawberries and mulberries are my only fruit harvests. I didn't photograph the mulberries - I just ate them from the tree.

Otherwise the pick has consisted mostly of snow peas,

radishes including one radish that seems to be an odd one out!

There has been more broad beans,

 and more radish and snow peas.

The broad beans are all picked now but not all eaten yet!

And this was this morning's pick - the currants have already been devoured.

Hope you are picking well.

I'm contributing this to Daphne's Harvest Monday. Pop over to her blog to see hers to see others' harvests. They will be there when the earth turns a little more.


  1. I'm not sure that I've ever even seen a currant! Your garden is always so plentiful Louise - well done with the planning.

  2. Lovely harvest. I had my red currant set fruit but I was lazy for the second year running and didn't net the fruit. I didn't get a single currant. That'll learn me!



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