Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Unto Geranium, a calf is born

Yesterday afternoon, around about 3pm I reckon, Geranium had her calf.

I went out at about 4.30pm to move the sheep into another paddock so that the cows had maximum access to the shade for Geranium's calving. Her estimated delivery date was the 28th so I thought I had a few days.

As I approached the giant Blakley's Red Gum where the sheep were resting, I saw Geranium with her new calf all freshly licked and shiny.

(Warning -  lots of pictures of mother and calf.)

Geranium let me get very close and let me touch the new fella - all the work I had put into getting Gerry to trust me has paid off!

I spent ages with them watching Geranium care for the calf. It was hard to get good photos when they were in the shade and they are both black Dexters.

Being helped up.

Some of his first steps.

They spent the night outside the yards - they usually come in each evening. It was a bit hard to walk a long way for the little fella.

This  morning the cows were hanging around in the long carex grasses that grow in the drainage lines - plenty of shade and hiding places for the calf.

The new babe is getting to know his mini herd. Welcome little one!


  1. Well done Geranium! What a clever girl doing it all on her own. We have a Welsh Black calf at work that was born by C section so we are hand rearing her. She thinks I'm her Mama - I called her Pauline Calf after the character that Steve Coogan used to do. No-one else remembers so they just think it's a strange name for a calf! What's yours going to be called?

    1. We've called him Baby Dexter... not very imaginative I know but there is a reason. Firstly, he is a bull calf and will become dinner... sad but true. Secondly I didnt want to call him Rump or Steak or Freezer but I didnt want to name him... So I thought that Dexter is a great boys name but at the same time its his breed. So I can sort of name him without naming him... does that make sense?

  2. How exciting! Well done Geranium.
    PS. There is no such thing as too many photos of a baby animal. They are so photogenic!

    1. He is adorable. The last few days he has really found his feet. He now runs everywhere with his tail straight up in the air!



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