Thursday, 14 November 2013

You dill you!

I am on a mission to use up some of my dill before it all goes to seed.

 I will let it go to seed - now I have more space in the veggie patch I can allow things to self propagate  - saves time in saving seeds and replanting them yourself right?

But dill is such a wonderful herb that it would seem a waste to not take advantage of the mini glut.

My dill grows in a corner of my central bed. It's a bed that holds lots of herbs and in which 'Pothead' my Scare Cockatoo stands or rather slopes. She may look pretty pathetic for a Scare Cockatoo but she works!

So the other day I made a pretty nice smoked salmon and dill pasta but today I made Liz's Bread and Butter Dill Cucumbers.

I pretty much followed her recipe, except that I used pickling spices instead of just mustard seeds and I made the recipe at double quantity because I had enough cucumbers. The cucumbers were bought ones unfortunately, but soon I will have my own!

Here is the result -  one of the 4 jars made.

The best part? It makes the kitchen smell heavenly.  You know one of those smells that makes your mouth water?

The worst part? Well I only needed 4 teaspoons of chopped dill so it didn't put a dint in the dill at all!

Thanks Liz.  I might not be able to wait very long before sampling them...


  1. You could let it go to seed and save the seed. Dill seed is really good in pickles or rye bread or anything with cabbage or most kinds of stews or soups. Or use the flowers - great in salads or scrambled eggs.

  2. Dill is great, I spread the seeds around too, and it pops up again every year. It drieds well, so you can keep some in a jar to use when you don't have any growing. And I am going to save seeds this year too, as Linda suggested.

  3. I like dill in tzatziki, also fish baked in yogurt mixed with dill and garlic and lemon is lovely. I often use it in salsa verde too. I rarely grow particularly impressive dill though so I never seem to have too much. Yours looks great as does your scare cockatoo - do you think it would work on whatever is nibbling the tops off my capsicum plants?



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