Sunday, 17 November 2013

One year at Highfield

Today marks one year of living at Highfield. Today we walked the long circuit around the property to celebrate.

We walked thru the grazing land and down into the conservation part of the property and followed the little creek as far as we could.

Then we climbed up the dry slopes past the grass trees for views to the hills around Gundagai in one direction and to the hills around Tumbarrumba and off to the Snowies in the other. We can see for miles and miles from Highfield Hill.

We watched wallabies sitting in the creek eating the greenest grass that grew on the bank. We saw giant goannas slide up the grassy slopes we watched birds flit in the trees.

We remembered why we bought Highfield...

We have been busy here in the last year. We have learnt so much and done so many things. There has been sheds and tanks built, there has been bolstering earthworks in the form of wooden outdoor lounge suites.

There has been wood chopping and storage!

There has been the building of beautiful chook sheds,

There has been planting and growing in Fortress Wallaby.

 There have been battles with wildlife and chooks for the mint bed.

There has been understanding the ways of sheep, chickens and cattle.

  There has been a complete inability to understand the ways of alpacas. They are unfathomable!

We have learnt how to 'pull a lamb' (assist at a lamb birth when the lamb is stuck) while horizontal rain only a degree off sleet falls splatters on your glasses.

We have carried the little bodies of the lambs that didn't make it and added them to the veggie patch.

We've learnt the names of 88 birds. We've learnt that the only number that matters is measured in millimetres and is read off the rain gauge.

Soon Geranium Dexter will have her calf  and we will welcome a new animal to Highfield Farm and Woodland.

Soon the peaches will ripen and I will again be sharing them with the wallaby.

Some places just feel right.


  1. Congratulations on all your hard work and on what's obviously been a great decision! Welcome home!

  2. Happy Anniversary Louise. I very much enjoyed the tour of your special place, it is beautiful. You are so fortunate!

  3. What a beautiful place. Happy anniversary. That was a gorgeous tour, and its great to see you celebrating the natural beauty of the place and all that you have done to improve the property. I particularly love the tree trunks edging the garden beds. Well done!



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