Monday, 4 November 2013

Harvest Monday - 4 Nov '13

The winter crops are now largely out of their beds making way for summer plantings. The last of the winter crops to come out,  the cauliflower, have now all been picked, well, all but one that is, there is still one left in the bed. It will mature soon enough though adding to the massive haul of cauliflower I now have.

While they have been photographed separately, as I picked them, and while they all look similar, they are indeed their own cauli...

I have picked one every second day for the last while. The last few picked are very large indeed, some of the biggest caulis I have ever grown. I'm putting that down to the magic of sheep pooh!

Some have been gifted to those shearing in our shed and those moving earth about and digging trenches for our new water tanks.

Others should have been gifted to lessen my glut but neighbours are not always that handy -  the closest is 3 kms away.

So I think I will be making lots of  cauliflower pickle... do you have a good recipe?

As you can see above, there has been a tiny pick of snow peas but the glut of sugar snaps continues...

They are eaten off the vine, they are picked in and placed in distended t-shirts and  and wicker baskets and they are eaten each night - some are even sent to Sydney -  and still the stash in the fridge builds and builds. I need handier neighbours or need to start a market stall or an honesty box by the Snowy Mountains Hwy...that's an idea!

There has been pickings of lettuce - mostly red salad bowl and lots of rocket.

There have been mulberries - sorry for the blur!

And there has been dill.

That's been the pick for the week. Hope your pick has been good.

I am contributing this post to Daphne's Harvest Monday. Pop over to hers to see others' harvests. They will be there when the earth turns a little more.


  1. It's fun to sit here on a Sunday afternoon and check out your beautiful cauliflowers in your Monday post. By the time I get my Harvest Monday post published you will be well on your way to Tuesday. Those really are some amazing heads, I love how a couple of them are showing the fractal spirals.

  2. You've got to love a fractal spiral!

  3. Your cauliflowers look so lovely. Have you heard of cauliflower pizza? You can look up recipes on google, here's one if it works to leave url's, I am gluten-free so find that a good idea, though I tend to simply steam and add cheese and eat.



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