Monday, 5 March 2012

Celebrate the wonky, the curly, the pale and the dark

Celebrate the curly
There are many great things about growing your own. I needn't tell you what they already know!

But one of the things I most enjoy is that your produce looks 'real'.  Home grown veggies are like real people, they are unique, not like the 'super models' of the supermarket.
Celebrate the wonky

Do you have pictures of your wonky veg, your curly veg?  The 'imperfect ones' that are never seen in the supermarket? I bet you do. 

Celebrate the pale, the dark and the in-between


  1. I've had some great wonky passionfruit this year.

  2. Very cute chillies :) My tomatoes have been particularly bizarre this year - would never sell in Woollies, that's for sure!



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