Thursday, 8 March 2012


small creek emerging on the veggie path
Goodness me, the rain we had last night and this morning!  Apparently Sydney's wettest day in 5 years.

We are all ok here, a bit of water in the garage, but basically dry up here on a small hill but those by the Cooks River I guess are a bit wet!  Are other Sydney bloggers ok?

Whatever we got is  nothing compared to what our country cousins on the Murrumbidgee and the Lachlan and in northern Victoria have had to suffer, it must be terrible.

This picture shows the view down to our vegie patch ( thru the arch).  You can see a small creek rising -  that's  the shiny patch running under the arch so the path to the vegies was pretty wet.  But I checked the vegies and even after 110 mls in 24 hours, they all looked fine!

Baby rocket and lettuce

The rocket and lettuce babies are fine, there are even self-seeded tomatoes coming up.  The snow peas are looking terrific!

Happy baby snow peas

Wet Laurie and Keates

But poor Laurie and Keats the Rainbow Lorikeets were completely drenched. What do birds do in such rain?  They turned up looking for food and were very bedraggled. (For those unfamilair with these birds, their wings should be bright green.)

Frog playground

The frog pond was full to the brim and looked just lovely.  I hope that the tadpoles didn't get washed out of the pond.  Hopefully they stayed safe in their favourite place - the mud at the bottom of the pond.

I hope everyone is dry, your veggies  are well drained and that you haven't got the latest Sydney plague - not stink bugs, not aphids  - leeches!


  1. nice blog and what a lovley cat Harriet is my daughter just thinks shes adorable.
    i have added you to my blog roll

    1. Oh thanks Stacy, Harriet is a lovely name! You should tell your daughter that Harriet is English... We got Harriet from the Blue Cross when we were in Cambridge for 5 years. When the contract there was up, we brought Harriet with us to Sydney. She likes it here, its warmer - something cats like. And we think she is English in another way too - an English shorthair becasue she doesn't ever miao. I will check your site out too. I might have to put more Harriet cat pictures up for your Harriet.

  2. That is a lot of rain! I really feel for all those in flood. Not nearly as scary as fire but it can just go on and on and on. Horrible.

  3. I thought it was just bad in Glasgow, Scotland with the rain - but apparently not, I do hope it passes by. You have a lovely veggie patch. I am hoping to start growing again this year and looking forward to comparing notes with fellow bloggers.



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