Thursday, 15 March 2012

Retro apron inspiration (2)

I had to do it, I made two more aprons.  Here they are!

Both have a 3-piece skirt the join covered with  ric rac. Here is one that mixes a multi coloured paisley fabric with a yellow cotton. I would have made it entirely out of the paisley but didn't have enough fabric. It has bias finishing the edges.

The second one is an aqua version of the purple goldfish one I made last week.  I think I actually like the aqua one better, except I think I made a fatal error in making the waist band feature -  bias with ric rac  - in orange.  I think it would have been better keeping the white theme going...

Just as with last week's aprons, these are based on an old favourite  -  the artists' apron. The only real difference is I go a little further with the bias and ric rac - especially on the waste band, and I widened the ties, but otherwise all measurements and features copy the original.

I think they will all end up as gifts, that is if I can part with them... Postcript -  I have now set up a little shop of my home made things called Cumquat.  Take a look!


  1. I love the goldfish apron, very cute!

    1. oh thanks Marina! I guess with your name you should like things marine...



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