Thursday, 8 March 2012

Retro apron inspiration

Lots of rain means going inside and going inside means... sewing!  I have been making aprons - 3 of them.
There are two types -  one is a one-piece skirt variety like this blue squiggly one...

and this pink and orange floral one below. They are both edged with bias and with a little ricrac and bias on the pocket.

They are based on an apron I picked up from somewhere some time ago...The original is this pink one below, its old and the fabric is so soft, but I swear it will just disappear one day the fabric is getting so thin. 


Then I made this one - a wavy purple background one with goldfish blowing bubbles.  This has a three-piece skirt with the joins covered with ricrac. Its got ricrac and bias on the waist band as well.

The three-piece skirt one is also based on an old apron -  'the artist's apron' - here it is.

What am I going to do with 3 new aprons?  I don't know yet, perhaps people might get them as gifts... but they cost almost nothing to make especially with my discounted fabric from local shops and they are a bright way to beat a rainy day.

Question - is ricrac one word?   Or two -  ric rac?

Postscript -  I now have my own little shop called Cumquat with these aprons and a few other things....


  1. Mmm.That pink and orange one is cool. IT's easy to get your favourites when it comes to things like aprons, isn't it? I have one like that. Someone made it for me as part of the Sunshine in the Mail Swap last year, and I use it all the time. And as for ric-rac... I don't know. Neither does So I guess it's an "as you like it" word.

  2. I think ric rac is two words.

    Loving those aprons, wish I had the talent to just sit indoors and sew. I love the goldfish one, its really lovely. Whoever gets them better be pleased, as I know I would be.

    1. Oh thanks Shaheen, I have been over to your blog and added it to my roll. I like your food! I am going to have to get cooking uo your ideas. And aprons are easy! Not much too them at all.

  3. Nice the colours. xx

    1. Like your blog Bron, nice things! I wish I had more time!



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