Saturday, 31 March 2012

Garden glut goes global

today's yellow-green sweet chilli pick
  • yellow-green chillies
  • chillies
  • lettuce
  • rocket
  • parsley
  • basil
  • radish
  • eggplant
April and May -  two of my favourite months of the year in Sydney -  will see me overseas for work and a bit of vacation time too.  I have decided that , if I keep a blog while away, focusing on the same sort of things I look at on this blog, then I might offset some of the homesickness and garden sickness I might have.  My Garden Glut International blog will look at the gardens and food of where ever I am.  I hope you can join me there sometimes.

Patch  entrance
broccoli patch - big arent they!

In the meantime I wanted to document where the garden is now, so that when I come back in 2 months time I can see the growth. So here is a little tour of the garden at the end of March.

The broccoli patch is booming.  The plants are bigger than they usually are at this time of year.

self-seeded sunflower

We are pretty vigilant with the green grubs but they are making a bit of a mess of the leaves.  Today is a sunny hot day and so that is why they look a little limp.

I have some self seeded sunflowers that have popped up in the broccoli patch.  Its pretty weird to have sunflowers at this time of year.  They are starting to form their flowers (looking closely at the top of the pant I can see them forming). If they provide too much shade to the broccoli, the lad will pull them out.

lettuce, thyme, chives

You will have noticed that much of my current pick is lettuce, rocket and radish. Here is some of the lettuce in with the thyme and chives.
A clump of fennel  - three plants together, has come up - self seeded. I have some other younger fennel in other spots too.

At the edge of the broccoli patch is a line of beetroot and parsley.

beetroot and parsley at the edge of the broccoli patch

snow peas, cauli and cabbage
The snow peas are ripping along.  There are three plantings of snow peas - this is the most advanced.  Sharing the same bed if some cauliflower and cabbage babies.

spring onions and lettuce
I also have several plantings of spring onions.  This is a middling planting. The three sets will keep us going for quite a while!

I still have two 'normal' chilli plants producing as well as the long cayenne. And many of my eggplant are still producing although the fruit is on the small side of things.
The lemon and limes have recently had a little pruning, especially the espaliered limes to make sure they are in shape.

So that is where things are at the moment.   Bye by garden, I will miss you!

Join me in Garden Glut International to follow gardens and food in Thailand, China and Mongolia.... more soon.


  1. Your broccoli look huge compared with mine. Looking forward to hearing about your travels.

    1. My lad tells me that he has picked three heads already and the photos he's been sending me look huge. I am not sure what went right this year with the broccoli, perhaps it was the weather!

      I am not in Mongolia and 'allowed' to blog so I am gradually entering a backlog of China thoughts.

      I hope to find something to write about soon from Mongolia too.

  2. Have a fun trip and safe travels! Will look forward to reading about all the culinary delights you find.

    1. Thanks Phuong, its been hectic! And I havent been able to blog casue I have had access blocked while in China, but I am in Mongolia now so entering copy in a back log for China now... Hope your garden grows!



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