Saturday, 17 March 2012

Slim pickin's

today's lime pick - two big fat juicy ones
  • parsley
  • spring onions
  • lemons
  • limes
  • mint
Not much too pick at the moment, just a few regulars, but enough to contribute to some of our meals.

Today David made tabbouleh to accompany our lunch of flat bread, baba ghanoush and kofta. Yum.  David makes a  mean tabbouleh and it's one of those salads that can come mostly from the garden -  parsley, mint, spring onions and lemon (and tomatoes if you have them -  we don't at the moment). When all else fails or when nothing else is ready to pick you can almost always pick yourself enough for tabbouleh. We always have burghul in the cupboard for those moments.  David says tabbouleh invigorates him... is it the mint I wonder? or all that iron-rich parsley?

The other salad of the day is a  pea, mint and feta salad one that I love.

Pea, mint and feta salad
The original is a 'Jamie' - you know who I mean -  and comes from his Jamie Oliver - Naked Chef book  that David bought me when we lived in England.  There was something about Jamie's food when we were in  England that reminded me of home (Australia).  I think it was the freshness of the food, the no nonsense attitude and the bright colours of the pictures and perhaps the Italian influence that we'd routinely find in Sydney and Melbourne as well? 

Anyway, looking back at the recipe now I realise that my version varies quite a lot from his.  Here it is. * from the garden

feta crumbled -  I use half a pack
frozen peas - boiled until just cooked (I like the petite pois)
mint* torn
lemon* juice
olive oil
black pepper

Combine peas and crumbled feta in a bowl, add mint and separately make a lemony vinaigrette add to the salad with black pepper.  Eat while still warmish.


  1. YUM. To both. I reckon it's the parsley that makes you feel healthier than thou and the mint that puts a sprig in your step!

    1. I like that idea, more tabbouleh then. I have been to your blog and love the things you have been making. Love the crochet rug and the orange blanket dress! Oh if I had more time to sew...



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