Sunday, 4 March 2012

In transition

the snow peas are up
  • yellow-green chillies
  • lemons (gathered fallen ones)
  • lettuce seedlings
  • cauliflower seedlings
With a  bit of sun to inspire, I inspected the garden to observe goings on. The garden is in a real transition phase. Some of the summer things are still powering on, some of the winter crops have gone in. Unfortunately I am not picking very much at all - bad planning.

The snow peas ARE ok.  They are all up, every single one -  they didn't rot in the soil like I had thought.

broccoli with self seeded sunflower
The broccoli is going well but getting the first of the cabbage moth visits.  I will need to check under the leaves each day and wipe of their eggs from now on and watch out for the first of the green grubs.  I find this surveillance works well enough for me.  I might have ragged edges to my plants but I always have lots of veg.

Some sunflowers have self seeded - strange time of year for them to to that.  I am leaving them in for the moment to see what happens.

The eggplant seem to have a second wind and are flowering furiously. Same with my brown berry tomatoes. They look like they think its October or November. They are green and upright and setting flowers -  will they set fruit I wonder?

a lime crop after all

the eggplant just keeps coming

I AM going to have a lime crop.

praying mantis eating a house fly

The giant praying mantis was spotted eating a house fly - go praying matis!


  1. I use the get rid of the eggs technique for cabbage whites and I too find it works well. I reckon the eggplants should set fruit, shouldn't they? I think I got fruit into May last year.

    1. Great minds think alike? Well, if you got eggplants into May then I will persist with mine. Thanks for the encouragement. That of course means that you might all have to lok at more eggplant pictures you realise!



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