Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Saladings, finger limes and mystery cucurbit...

tonight's radish pick  -  the first pick
  • lettuce
  • rocket
  • parsley
  • radish -  the first of the new pick!
I think I have confessed to you all before -  I am really in hungry gap. I didn't really plan the transition well enough.  I went from summer glut to hardly anything very  quickly.

But it was only back on 25th Feb that I sowed the rocket and radish seeds and I have been picking the rocket for a while. Today I picked the first radish.  The great thing about this blog is that I know how short a time it has been to get something up and on the plate!

The radish are a little imperfect, but totally edible.  The are a bit crusty on the outside but a flick of the knife fixes that!

Tonight it is bangers (posh ones -  lamb and oregano), chips (hand-made ones)  and my green salad with the added extra of radish.

Collete the finger lime with more tiny flowers

Took a little look at Collete this evening in my post work garden de-stresss.  And she has three more flowers, this time open.  Here they are - like I said in a previous post, very stameny! 

Yippee, more baby finger limes!

mystery cucurbit

And maybe you can help me... what is this lovely thing - a cucurbit I guess -  coming over the fence?


  1. Ooo love the new background! Is it a loofah? Looks hairy but no ridges. Collete sure looks pretty

  2. Oh thanks! Yes, I liked the Australian wooden fence. I am not sure that it is a loofah - they do have ridges dont they? I hope it is a loofah, free bathing equipment... But I have heard there are thigns called 'Hairy melons' and 'Bitter melons' etc, and I bet a lot more.

  3. Now your just bragging...3 flowers - very impressive. No idea about the curcurbit but it should be fun to find out.

    1. Oh I am sorry! But they are so pretty. And you should take a hand in this, telling me where to get Collete. I think I sould send you my first fruit... and 500m2 has bought a Collete too!

    2. I think that's what my mum grows, she calls them marrows, The skin is thick so i recommend peeling it and use as u would a zucchini/courgette. Hope this helps :D

      check out my blog on my kitchen garden :D

    3. Oh i forgot, she sometimes stuffs them with a mince mix and bakes - i think that is the more traditional use for them

  4. The mystery curcubit looks very much like a winter melon.

  5. Excellent another suggestion, it will be excitng to see which of the too it is, Thanks Linda

  6. Have you thought about cooking up you mystery cucurbit? It looks like it would taste good. I'm so interested in seeing your finger lime produce fruit.

  7. I think it's a hairy melon -

    I've got them growing in my backyard. Peel the skin (I need to wear gloves to do this because I find the hair quite prickly and irritate my hands), then I dice it up (I tend to remove the middle section with the seeds but you can eat it too if you like) and then stir fry. You can also put them into soup (like most cucurbits).

  8. Oh thanks Lilian, it is pretty hairy, we'll give it a try.

  9. I think Lilian has it! Her picture looks exactly the same sort of thing as we have growing. Hairy Melon. Great name!



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